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Because I enjoy PC building and benchmarking, I have long been vaguely familiar with the program called Blender because it is commonly...

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My name is Kelton Johnson and this is my exploration of travel, finance, and technology. I live in Southern California and am a licensed attorney, outdoor enthusiast, and money guru. I am always looking to learn new things and share what I learn. Welcome to my blog and I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.

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How to Invest $1000 During the Stock Market Meltdown 2020?

Investing in a market downturn may be stressful. Here is how I am investing my hard-earned cash.

FLRN ETF: Investment Spotlight

The FLRN ETF, also known as the SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF, is an excellent choice for many portfolios....

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There are so many investment platforms to choose from. For those who want a set-it-and-forget-it portfolio managed for you, Betterment may...

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Now that we are several months into 2019, I want to share my investment portfolio with my readers.  In setting up my...

Schwab Doubles ETF Lineup to Over 500 ETFs

Bogleheads rejoice!!! Schwab adds over 200 new ETFs to its lineup! The official press release announcing the additional ETFs is found here.

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