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Make Money on Your WordPress Blog With Google Ads (Beginner Friendly)




Make Money on Your WordPress Blog

If you are ready to make money with your WordPress blog, Google ads is a good place to start.  Using Google Adsense, even a beginner can place Google ads on his or her website.  Of course, you will need to build good content that people will want to read before you will make money on your WordPress blog. Also, if Google decides your website is not advertiser friendly, then Google may choose to not place ads on your site, meaning that you will not make money on your wordpress blog when people visit your site.

My website runs on WordPress and I use the Newspaper 9 theme made by tagDiv.  This theme is built with speed and advertising in mind, meaning that integration is extremely easy. Not all themes and platforms will be as easy to use. However, most platforms can integrate with Google Adsense using a plugin or custom code that you place on your site.  

Step 1: Make Sure Your Website Follows the Rules

You cannot make ad revenue from your site if your site does not follow Google’s rules for Adsense ads.  If you developed your site using a high quality WordPress theme like Newspaper 9, Avada, or X, then your site should be compliant out of the box as long as your ads behave correctly (like not scrolling with the user or blocking content).  

Your website also needs to be advertiser friendly, both in content and design.  The subject of your blog also affects the types of ads that show on your site and how much your website can make per 1000 ad views.  

Step 2: Placing The Google Code

To make the ads appear, you have to place the code provided by Google in the headers of each page that will show the ads.  The Newspaper theme makes this easy, but there are plugins which can make this work on any theme, including the default WordPress themes.  

If you are using the Newspaper 9 theme by tagDiv, the Theme Panel has a menu option specifically for Javascript codes.  See a screenshot of my panel for reference. The Google Adsense code always goes in the header. The code in my footer is a Google Analytics code for tracking visitors on my site.  

The Newspaper 9 Theme Panel showing where to place the Adsense code

Step 3: Waiting For Approval

Once you place the code, you may have to wait several days to several weeks for your site to be approved or denied.  You cannot rush it. Unless your website gets a lot of views, your site is a fairly low priority and it is not uncommon for several weeks to pass before you hear from Google.  If your site gets denied, Google will give you a very brief description of the problem so you can fix it. Once it is fixed, you can apply again.

Common Reasons You Could Get Denied for Google Adsense include:

  • Low views on your website
  • Bad content (whether copied or simply low quality)
  • Adult content
  • Ads placed in prohibited places (like scrolling sidebars)

Step 4: Placing Google Ads on Your Site

I use the automatic placement feature for ads, meaning that Google will place them on my site automatically. This means they appear in line, as post tiles, and also as banners on the page automatically. Automatic ads is easy and I recommend this method. While you can also design custom ad sizes and placement, it also requires more experience. Start basic and, if the ads are successful, then customize to your heart’s desire.  

The best thing about automatic ad placement is that it will take into account the user’s screen size and it even works on Accelerated Mobile Pages (also called AMP). Quality ads will make it more likely that you make money on your WordPress blog.

To place automatic ads, simply go to your adsense page (adsense.google.com), and select the option for automatic ads and voila! The ads should show in several minutes as long as your site is high enough quality and Google has available ads to show on your site.  

Step 5: Get ready to get paid and make money on your wordpress blog!

That is if you already have a lot of visitors.  If you don’t, keep working on building good content that people will actually want to read. This is the best way to build your reader base and online presence.  There is simply no way to make money on your WordPress blog if you do not have an audience.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.  If your theme has a forum, I suggest visiting the forum for assistance.  

I recently wrote a post about making your custom email with Zoho or Google.  You can read about that here:


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