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Forget Starbucks and Try This Espresso Drink Instead




I am not always ready to try new things when it comes to changing my routine.  Maybe it was the winter solstice or something in the foggy Southern California air, but today I made a change.  Can I have a drum roll please? I am ready to announce that I have found a new favorite way to have my espresso. And boy was it worth it.

Enter the Macchiato Split With Perrier Sparkling Water On the Side

And no, I am not talking about the Starbucks macchiato.  The Starbucks macchiato is a dressed up cheap latte. A macchiato is supposed to be espresso marked with steamed milk.  That’s it. When I say marked with milk, that means there is a splash of milk on top of your espresso. In short, espresso is the dominate ingredient and there should only be several teaspoons of milk poured on top of a single shot of espresso.  With a split macchiato, you will get a second shot of pure espresso on the side in a separate cup. Truly, a macchiato split is the definition of keeping it simple. And it sure does impress with great flavor. This really is one of the best espresso or coffee drinks that I have ever tried.

Macchiato Split From Above
Small coffees are for real coffee snobs. Three cups are better than one. Copyright Kelton Johnson 2018.

A macchiato is a small drink and real macchiatos are served small cups (see my photos). It should never be a large drink like what you find at Starbucks. A coffee purist would approve of the volume served and it lives up to the macchiato name.  Because it is served split, a second espresso shot is served on the side in another small cup.  To complete the experience, the Barista served Perrier on the side to cleanse the palate.

Yes,I’ll Take Some Sparkling Water With With My Macchiato

I did not expect it, but the sparkling water is such a good palate refresher. That is to say, it makes each sip of coffee as good as the last and really helps you to appreciate the flavor of the bean each time you raise the cup to your lips.  

Perrier Sparkling Water With My Macchiato Split
Perrier Sparkling Water With My Macchiato Split. Copyright Kelton Johnson 2018.

I ordered this at Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders, so the coffee is always fresh and expertly roasted.  You can read about my review of Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders here. A macchiato made with high-quality beans highlights the rich, full bodied flavor of espresso, with the right amount of earthiness and mouthfeel, without any of the bad acidity or astringency that sometimes is found in a large chain’s coffee. It really has a smooth taste with balanced bitterness that brings out flavors of chocolate, aged wood, and light fruit aromatics.  Importantly, any good barista should be able to make this drink, but good coffee really shines through with this drink. Unlike a latte, there is nothing for the flavor to hide behind. For example, there is no milk and sugar, the two ingredients that often mask the good and bad flavors in coffee.

Small is the new hipster, and large pour overs are for pushovers.

There is something stylish about drinking a tiny coffee drink at your favorite coffee shop.  When ordering a tiny coffee, you make everyone around you question their reality and challenge why they ordered an americano for the thousandth time when they could be cool like you. Small is the new hipster, and pour overs are for pushovers. I’m just kidding of course, but you shouldn’t order a drink just because other people say it’s cool or just because it is what you know.

The smaller your coffee cup, the cooler you are.

Hipster Kelton

Branch out from Starbucks.  After all, five dollars per drink is way to expensive when the taste and quality is just not there. Take a risk, branch out a little, and support your local coffee shop by trying a split macchiato with sparkling water on the side.  


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