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This is the first of many posts in my Cafe Reviews series.  While this is the first of many, it is also one of my favorite spots.  

There is truly nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee.  The different flavors that you get in your cup can be greatly varied: earthy, sweet, acidic, fruity, or even chocolate.  Sadly, you do not get this type of exquisite flavor in most coffees sold in a grocery store or even at Starbucks. Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders has been my go to spot in Orange County for about 2 years now because they have excellent flavor and roast and import all of their beans in house.  Not only are they what I would call bean to cup, but they are also extremely delicious.

“Not only are they what I would call bean to cup, but they are also extremely delicious”

Bohdi Leaf has cold brew and all the standard types of coffee drinks you will find anywhere you go, all for relatively low prices.  One of my favorites is cascara coffee cherry tea, a tea made from the dried skin of the coffee fruit. Unlike Starbucks, Bohdi’s cascara is actually steeped at the time of your order in actual dried skins of coffee fruit.  Starbucks uses a syrup and it tastes nowhere near as good.

If you go to the location in the City of Orange during the day, you can often see them roasting coffee beans or otherwise preparing coffee.  They roast coffee for various other cafes in the area as well, and you can even get a private label if your order is large enough. If you decide that you want to learn how to roast your own coffee beans at home, they have a classroom on site where they hold classes on roasting and coffee cupping (what you might think of as coffee tasting).  I still have not gone to one of their classes about roasting or cupping, but it is on my to do list as long as I am in town and the class has not sold out.

This is also an ideal place for studying, although it can get pretty busy.  There are plenty of tables and power outlets, and they are open reasonably late.  There is also free wifi. Because it is close to Chapman University, you will see quite a few students here, but I have never not been able to find a spot to sit.  

If you want to bring some beans home with you, Bohdi sells green beans online and roasted beans in their store.  Most roasted coffee is between $15 and $20 for one pound, which is actually a really good price considering the quality and flavor.  My recommendation is to try any of their El Salvador beans, but also to try their seasonal blends.

How Does Bohdi Compare to My Other Favorites?

Hands down, the best location I have ever been to is Storyteller’s in Seattle.  Storyteller’s makes better coffee and better tea than any other location I have tried. They are also stricter about selling coffee roasted within several days of being served than at Bohdi Leaf.  In my opinion, Bohdi Leaf is on par with Blue Bottle Coffee (a brand found in San Francisco and Los Angeles). Blue Bottle tries to be more hipster and more “cool,” but their coffee isn’t any better and they are much more expensive.  If you ask for vanilla flavor in your coffee at Blue Bottle, they will laugh you out the front door, but at Bohdi, you can make your coffee however you want.

If you are looking for a good cup of joe, I highly reccomend Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders and I think you will not be disappointed.  


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