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My site is live! Well, at least sort of. While live, this is definitely a work in progress that will probably take several months to get together. 

For quite a while, I have considered starting a personal blog and I finally took the plunge. I have made websites before, and I knew that I wanted to use WordPress, but I also knew that I did not want an expensive managed solution or a site that uses an expensive and outdated platform like GoDaddy. That left only several providers to choose, and I narrowed it down to Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Because I use everything Google and have built websites on Google Cloud before, staying with Google made the most sense for me.  

Maybe I will write a guide on launching a website using Google Cloud.  We’ll see.

Right now, I don’t know the direction that I will take this site.  I am considering writing about various hobbies or maybe something from my field (I’m an attorney practicing law in Southern California).  I have considered writing about technology, hiking, travel, credit cards, investing, finance, gaming, and law school.

Now to actually finish building my website.

Southern California Mountains
Southern California Mountains


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Kelton Johnson

Attorney, Marketing Enthusiast, Business Manager

I live in Orange County, California and can often be found wandering the coastline and mountains in Southern California. I always seek to learn new things and share my passions with others. I am a California-licensed attorney and internet marketer. Join me in my journey of discovery as I share (hopefully) useful gems of knowledge with my readers every week.

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